About Simon Caddy

SIMON CADDY is a well-known sailing enthusiast with useful local knowledge, sailing these waters since childhood. After a background as an engineer officer in the Merchant Navy, commercial fishing and working in local boat yards he started the marine engineering business in 1978.

In the past the business also included a yacht brokerage, an agency for New Bridge Boats and Webasto diesel heaters.

This has given him a wide range of experience in the industry often enabling help to be given in selecting suitable local skills to successfully complete both small and often large projects.

The pleasure side of the industry forms the mainstay of the business but some commercial work is also undertaken.

All types of marine engines and equipment are worked on. The flexibility of the business has led to not only handling the latest in marine technology but also much older engines often considered uneconomical for repair by larger firms.

Over the years many unusual projects have been worked on including the renovation of a Dunkirk ‘Little Ship’ and a Chines Junk.

Having always supplied various makes of marine engines back in 1997 Simon became very impressed with the excellent range of Beta Marine engines and was appointed the local dealer. The dealer ship has steadily grown alongside BETA’S success ever since.

The business philosophy has always been to remain focused enough to maintain the personal high standard of service that many customers, over the years, have appreciated.

Quality Local Marine Engineer

We're based in the Falmouth area

Many Years of Experience

Delivering a quality service since 1978

Beta Marine Engines Dealer since 1997

Selling and supporting this well-known popular range of marine diesel engines

Engines Supplied and Installed

Always at competitive prices

Other Makes of Marine Engines

Repaired and Serviced

Used Engines and Parts

Used engines and parts are often available from Simon Caddy Marine Engineers

Personal Service Guaranteed

We always deliver a personal attentive service

About Beta Marine

Beta Marine Engines and generators are built at their Gloucester factory and are based on the robust and well-tried Kubota engine range (except for the largest inboard engine and the larger generators).

The range is based on the most advanced water-cooled diesels. Featuring high quality, heat exchanger cooled (keel cooling available) engines which are both powerful and compact with low weight. They have smooth running characteristics through the speed range. Exhaust emissions are also very low and meet all current and future requirements.

The range covers from 10 to 150 bhp (subject to change). Sail drive options and inland waterway specification models are available. An extensive range of generators are also produced, suitable for a variety of applications.

These products are sold through SIMON CADDY MARINE ENGINEERS at very competitive prices and feature wide national and international support.

Advice on and the supply of a comprehensive range of BETA options and accessories along with spares are available from SIMON CADDY.

Beta Marine has built a reputation for quality and customer support. For example the production of special engine feet to make the replacement of an engine easier.

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